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ACT insists on being capable of contributing to sustainable development.


As a global enterprise citizen, ACT, with commitments to sustainable operation in reliable ways, is operated under the requirement of commercial integrity and professionalism.

Our sustainable development program is not only limited to lowering carbon emissions, but to

maintaining the highest professional standards, and assuring our employees embrace a satisfying job   

and enjoyable life. We are striving to maximize our influence on society.

By providing complete service, we protect the credit and transparency in business and

public affairs, which can spread into the global value chain. Our employees’ enthusiasm

toward their work boosts our focus on services for local communities. Many of our

services are directly connected with sustainable development.

 We have already put the philosophy of environmental protection into the regional operations in order to achieve sustainable environmental protection. We will continue to seek new methods to reduce corporate operational risk and negative influence, if any.

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