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ACT is a service agent that offers overall quality assurance. With professional and instant service philosophy, ACT enables our customers to customize complete inspection, verification and auditing solutions, which has surpassed traditional supply management. 

Since 2015, when ACT entered the Chinese market for the first time, we have served over 300 enterprises by providing professional solutions to supply management, thereby safely guaranteeing customers’ operation and supply chain. As a global leading service agent focusing on inspection, verification and auditing, ACT has been concentrating on customers’ demand and social expectation, helping our customers to cope with complex situations in the marketplace. ACT provides our customers personal services consisting of a wide range of safety-related areas, such as quality management, risk control and environmental protection etc., which reduces operational risks and simplifies work flow, completely assuring the customers’ operation and supply chain, sustainably promoting the enterprise operation. With the guideline of being customer-oriented, our audit project covers the whole process from the flow inspection of a single product to the certification of management control systems. At the same time, we provide services which include inspecting (i.e., product checking), testing, auditing, certifying, risk managing and training. We are also able to provide personalized training and solutions, per your specific requirements. With a large number of professional auditors and inspectors around the world, ACT is ready to serve you at any time.


Besides offering our customers more high-quality services, ACT is also continuously improving itself, in the hope of bearing more social responsibility and better guaranteeing people’s quality of life.

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