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Integrity and fairness


Third-party organization "ACT testing certification technology service Co.,Ltd." is committed to the Fundamental principle of independence, objectivity, and clean governance. We have informed our employees of the clear governance policy and offer them the training. We hold to a “Zero-Tolerance” policy to those who violate the clear directive. If you find anyone who violates this policy, please report to our independent integrity Department.integrity@ )

Fairness and Justice Statement

In order to maintain the fairness and honesty of our company, ensuring the independence of authentication, we publish the statement: 

ACT deeply understands the importance of ensuring fairness and justice in our work. We have set up proper management outlines, policy and procedure, and identify the potential conflict of interest via our effective management system and ensure its objectivity.


ACT takes annual risk assessments over justice and conflict of interest issues. The assessment and measures will be reviewed by an independent Impartiality Committee, which consists of essential members that are related to the interest.  

Conflict of interest and objectivity are considered via regular training and inspection, so that all activities are carried out in an independent and impartial way. 


The statement is used to clarify our standpoint of being impartial, honest, independent and objective. Every employee must strictly obey the rules mentioned in the statement, and any individual or corporation is welcome to supervise us. 

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