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Sustainable Assessment

Sustainable assessment focuses on the inner operation system of factories and continuous improvement, rather than the issues. By taking useful assessment on polices, processes and the effectiveness of different positions, we identify the potential risks underlying the system, and work out the sustainable solution to improve it by training or other related programs, which consist of the key elements as follows: 

 * Recruitment:Recruiting qualified employees by following an appropriate recruitment system plan, including recruitment policy, position description, vacancy notification, selection, age confirmation, skill testing, interviewing, medical testing, second selection, probation period, documents management and archiving. 

Training:Setting up a qualified training team, which can arrange training programs and details, optimize training demands, and assess trainers’ effect. 

Discipline: Making effective, reasonable and clear disciplinary polices that should be carried out strictly. Any disciplinary action should be confidential, appropriate, executed step by step, and carefully applied with the goal of improving the employees’ behavior and productivity. If a disciplined employee finds the disciplinary action inappropriate, he or she should be allowed to make a suit. 

Declaration Mechanism: A good declaration mechanism improves the communication between management and labor, enabling them to build together an effective workplace, creating in the process a warning mechanism. The formal declaration process includes a reliable declaration channel, forbidding any revengeful commitment, survey, evidence collection, resolution and employees’ identification, declaration and archiving. Time, place, person, and events should be clarified at every step, and also state how to resolve the issues, for example arranging the managers, and deadline. 

Termination of Contract and Management of Employees’ Quit

Regulations regarding contract termination, resignation, massive layoffs, etc. should be defined clearly. Contract articles and deadline of contract termination, release pay, document management and quit “exit” interviews should also be considered. Factories need to make statistical analysis of employee turnover, attempt to discover the root cause and work out the solution to reduce the turnover rate effectively and efficiently. 

Performance Evaluation: The fair performance evaluation generally turns out to be extremely complicated, and the simple performance assessment is short of objectivity, therefore factories need to work out a balanced evaluation. A good performance evaluation is characterized by the following: simple and specific, measurable, liable to reach agreement, realistic, and on the basis of time. 

Working Hours:Factories need to work out specific regulations and process to control

excessive working hours, and analyze the root causes, such as imperfect production schedule,

materials shortage, low productivity, production bottleneck, high turnover rate,

and insufficient inspirable mechanisms, etc.  

Payroll System:In addition to paying the legal minimum wage and overtime pay, payroll systems needs to focus on target completion, along with maintaining and improving productivity. Compensation must be fair, and salary adjustment should reflect employees’ technical level and improvement. When employers make or modify compensation rules and other welfare policies, they are required to negotiate with the employees first. 

* Health, Safety and Environment System: We suggest factories apply for ISO14001 (Environment) and OHSAS18001 (Health Safety) management system. Factories that do not have authentication need to build up internal environment and health safety teams, making practical policies. Factories must fully understand the local laws about health safety and environmental protection, and preserve the intact governmental permit, certificate, training record and emergency exercise record, make emergency plans, including fire control, earthquake, flood, disease and food poisoning prevention and carry out regular internal audit and management assessments. 


We offer you professional and sustainable assessment services that aid in establishing long-term and efficient management mechanisms inside your company.

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