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AUDIT ensures that your company complies with the requirements of markets and legislation, booss the operation value of your corporation, and guarantees your commercial performance as well as regulatory compliance.


ACT offers independent auditing, services of supply audit and other related services.

With the guideline of being customer-oriented, our audit project covers the whole process from the flow inspection of a single product to the certification of management control systems. At the same time, we provide a services that include inspecting (i.e., product check), testing, auditing, certifying, risk managing and training. With a large number of professional auditors and inspectors around the world, ACT is ready to serve you at any time.


ACT offers:

SLCP Verification

COC Social Responsibility Audit

Reference SEDEX/SMETA Standard audit items

Reference C-TPAT Counter-Terrorism Standard audit items

Reference ISO: 9001 Quality Management Standard audit items

Reference ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Standard audit items

Reference OHSAS: 18001 Occupational Health Safety Standard audit items

Reference BRC Standard audit items

Other Standard audit Specified By the Customers

ACT can customize audit services on the basis of our customers requirements and

also inspect every step of the whole supply.


Globalization brings complexity with different levels to every single supply chain, making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to monitor all the suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. However, if you have no clear idea about the complete process, then, without doubt, you are going to expose your products and/or services to potential risk of substandard quality and unwanted liability.


Audit can improve your supply intension. You can carry out audit on the base of your own requirements over the suppliers or factories. This is called second-party auditing. Before problems effect customers or terminal consumers, through an audit you may find out problems and correct them, helping to avoid the risk of product recall or service failure, as well as discovering necessary conformity issues. Generally the organization is confronted with second-party project audit requirements, but is consistently limited by the increase of inner resource demand. So, too combat this, an organization can transfer this process to ACT. With our global network of numerous professional audit experts, you can dramatically reduce the travel time and cost of each audit, while relieving your employees from loads of work, ensuring the audit time and cost of your project is under control. 

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